Zbigniew Stanczyk - Media
Consultant and researcher with two decades of experience in providing thorough and detailed information to both the film industry & academic world. 

My goal is to build a solid foundation of historical and cultural knowledge for your projects, one that is accurate in even the smallest details.

For years I provided information and consulting services to high level specialists seeking advice on history, politics, culture, and social issues related to European and American history.
My years of experience in research work at Stanford guarantee that the information I provide to my clients is based on reliable sources and some of the most important collections of  materials in the world.
My offer includes:
 - Highly integrated and comprehensive historical consulting

 - Extensive contacts with noted historians and authors 

 - Consultation on script conformity to film industry standards,  
    re-writing and polishing
 - Developing projects from an initial idea into a screenplay
    and then into a finished film

Areas of Speciality:
 - History
       First World War
       Interwar period
       Second World War 
       Cold War and Communism
 - Modern Ideas & Culture  
 - Modern Technology & Science (emphasis on Silicon Valley)
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